While writing the lines to this first blog post I realize that something exciting is about to happen. After years of delving in and out of a world no one else ever knew about (well, at least aside from the snippets my wife had to listen to) this post represents the beginning of an incredible journey – in a way it is the birth of a new world.

Once just fragments inspired by favorite movies, books or games, this world has evolved into a unique place filled with it’s own people, history and wonders. After finding the last piece of the puzzle – it’s name – I finally know that the time has come to share this magical place with others and thus I welcome you to Amarlia.

Amarlia is not just the name of a fictional world though, it is an experience of it’s own and more importantly – it will mean something different for everyone. Instead of seeing the world as nothing more than a background and necessity to enhance a certain product, breathing life into it is what this is all about. The goal is to create something for others to live their dreams, go on adventures, escape the sometimes exhausting moments of the real world – it’s about creating a place that offers something magical whenever you need it.

Throughout the next weeks, months and years Amarlia will transition from only existing in my mind into a vast and colorful world that other people can explore on their own terms. Each and every project launched will have one core idea in mind – to breathe more life into the world in order for you to enjoy it.

While the possibilities are endless, the first projects are already kicked off and will focus on the following:

  • Two novels following the adventures of existing heroes.
  • A board game focusing on a key part of Amarlias history.
  • A pen & paper roleplaying system for you to go on your own adventures in Amarlia.
  • An encyclopedia outlining various aspects of the world in detail.

Last but far from least though is the forum and this blog you already found for yourself. While Amarlia is a beautiful place I cannot wait to share with you throughout certain projects – it is here where you can follow the creation process of everything throughout regular updates and have a real impact on the world by sharing your thoughts and ideas.

I’m looking forward to start this exciting journey and hope that so do you.

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