The urge to explore is all that matters

Amarlia is more than just the background for a fantasy novel or a game. It is a place full of wonders only waiting for you to become a part of it. All the different projects surrounding this world are nothing more than an attempt to help you on your hopefully exciting and enjoyable journey.

A world for everyone

Amarlia offers both fantasy novices and veterans the possibilty to seek out their own destiny or to follow the path and stories of existing / historical characters. Important is only what you want to make out of it and with the ever growing details provided I hope that you will make this world your own.

Explore the world on your terms

Bookworm, gamer or roleplayer, the options to explore Amarlia are meant to be manifold. Pick your favorite(s) along the way and start finding your place in this unique world. A few projects are already in the making and you can find some first highlights below this introduction.

Be part of the creation

Amarlia is a vast and mystical place and brick by brick I will bring it to life for you to enjoy. Follow my blog and be a part of Amarlia’s creation story. Through regular updates I will give you insights into the different projects, keep you up to date with new things being added to the encyclopedia and hopefully engage in exciting conversations with you – because after all, not everything of Amarlia is discovered just yet.


The first novel within the realms of Amarlia – “The Last of the Dhari” – is currently scheduled to be released in 2019. It follows Peradan, a mage from the Order of Fire, on his journey around the world in an attempt to unveil the secrets of his origin.

“The Last of the Dhari” will be released in German language first with an English translation following as soon as possible.

Tabletop games

“Amarlia – Battle of the Twin Castles” will be the first board game based upon this world. Pick your favorite faction in this turn based strategy game, occupy one of the Twin Castles and build an army to defeat your enemies.

The current release date is scheduled for 2020 and will be preceded by a crowdfunding campaign. Any kind of news will of course be available here as well.

Pen & Paper RPG

Are you eager to write your own stories in Amarlia? The encyclopedia will continue to be populated further in order to bring the world to life in a unique, detailed and completely free way.

In 2020 then the plan is to release the core rulebook of Amarlias fully fledged pen & paper roleplaying system which will allow you to utilize the extensive background of Amarlia to it’s fullest.